Balayage Hair Style

Perhaps the most definitive answer as to what makes a balayage hairstyle popular is the natural look it portrays. A balayage hairstyle features long hair falling over the face and framed by layers of hair below and across the shoulders. The varying lengths and layers used in a balayage style represent a perfect balance and proportion while also highlighting facial features. For those unfamiliar, the term balayage is derived from the Balinese term for “bald head.” In addition to looking great with a classic black or brown jacket, this style can go well with various outfits and looks.

With popularity on the rise, many Balayage Houston styles are available for both men and women. Depending upon how you care for your hair, you can achieve the look you want with ease. The first step in getting started is choosing the best cut for your face. Here are a few tips:

For a sleek, low-maintenance balayage style, consider using natural products. Hair dyes and styling gels frequently contain chemicals that can dry out the hair and cause breakage. A damp cloth and mild hair cleanser will help clean and condition hair, giving it the extra sparkle and movement to really make a statement. Also, using gel or pomade on damp hair before styling helps seal in moisture.

While a traditional balayage style is clean-shaven, you can add waves and extra volume for a more dynamic look. Begin by applying a thick layer of gel or pomade to damp hair, then brushing it through your hair from the temples up towards the crown. Then use a brush to separate the gel into three sections, and comb the sections through using a large comb.

Adding some highlights to your balayage style can really give it an incredible look. To do this, apply a darker shade of your hair dye as a base. Next, use a highlighting brush or sponge on wet hair to add depth to the style. Finally, comb the hair backwards so you can add highlights where you want them.

While this style might look great on someone with completely straight hair, curly hair may not work as well. You can add some waves to the ends using a curling iron. For a frizzy look, get a small curling iron that you can take on vacation, and gently roll the hair back and forth for a unique look that doesn’t require gel or hairspray.

One of the most popular balayage styles is called the banana. This looks great with longer or shorter hair. First, take a section of your longer hair and cut it to the desired length. Place this section under a bowl of baby shampoo and conditioner to hold in the moisture. Using your fingers, gently pull the rest of your hair down the back of your scalp. Once the back of the hair is damp, use your hand to lift some of the hair and start at the bottom, working your way up to the top of the head.

To complete the look, add a small amount of fake fur to the ends of the hair. This will help the style last all season long. For a more relaxed look, try brushing the faux fur on instead of brushing your hair.

Another great balayage style is done simply by flipping your hair upside-down. This is simple enough, but can be very fun to do. To do it, simply flip your hair over, and starting from the bottom of the head, pull each section until you reach the top of your head. If you’re using real fur, simply wrap it around your entire head. If not, simply use a wide tooth comb to add some height.

With this style, it’s easy to add highlights or even put in some color. To do this, simply brush a bit of pink, peach, or rose colored hair spray over the ends. To add more volume, get some volume serum or a lotion and lightly brush over the ends.

No matter what balayage style you choose, make sure you only use products that are meant for your type of hair. If you have short hair, don’t use gel products that are meant for long hair. Use products that are specifically made for your hair type and your own preferred styling.